Nanjing Metro is now a satyr event, to bring more women a warning, such a thing is not uncommon, the following by the police for the majority of women need to be vigilant about the three subway sex maniac, quickly look!


3 16 at 1:45 PM Xu, Jiangsu, Yancheng, a young man from the Nanjing subway line No. two Olympic Station No. 5, take the escalator exit station. At this moment, suddenly a shadow behind her on the up, Wu looked back, followed by a middle-aged man guilty of the subsequent four look, as casually.

reminiscent of what happened, Wu is determined by the man trailing. Because of shame, Wu did not choose the alarm immediately to the Metro Police, but went home to tell her boyfriend. Encouraged by the support of her boyfriend, the courage to Wu, in March 19th to the Nanjing subway police station and village police station report.