"good faith" two words is very simple, it is need to pay much more attention, especially with a long time. In short, good faith looks simple, but it is not simple, but also more difficult to adhere to the years of. Once you encounter bottlenecks in the business, or in the face of temptation, can stick to less. However, hit the brand is easy to create a brand, a brand name needs long-term adherence, hit the brand as long as one is enough. Some shops, shops, facing the turbulent market tide also failed to hold the bottom line, causing wanjiebubao. So, can be passed so far, brand still hard hundred years old as very rare.

integrity is the bottom line of retail management must adhere to, but also the inexhaustible driving force for its progress. Leave the good faith, will retail business downturn, he can’t talk hard, do not emboldened, competition not domineering, meet customers seriously you really have no temper.

Yiwu commodity market as we all know, in the past, this place is synonymous with fake, some people love more than deep hate. Not honest, difficult as. If you just stare at the money regardless of credit line, although the moment of brilliance, but will eventually be eliminated by the market, in real life too many such examples, for example, to finger toes together are not enough. In this specific historical conditions, the people of Yiwu and no business is done fast and forget them, a step of "credit system" construction, after the transformation process of pain, Yiwu small commodity city is reborn, more prosperous business.

a long time does not rub things, will be covered with a layer of gray, the loss of the original color; integrity of the signs is also the case, long-term maintenance, ignoring the existence of the business will also unwittingly let passive. Therefore, the integrity of the signs to be often wipe, the more polished in order to be more bright, the more careful maintenance, the more common will become commonplace, people feel the value of honesty and the power of faith.

can be said that the integrity of the contract is the background of the society, but also the cornerstone of the market economy, but also the continuous operation of the retail business paving stone. The "moral" cloud "who lack trust will not be trusted." The reason that a lack of trust, trust is difficult, also points out the essence of life, doing business.

one of my friends is a food supermarket, one hand food skills, including a local favorite and most popular candy is his own DIY, arguably is exclusive, and can be copied, pricing should be in his hands. However, since the shop more than and 10 years ago, other commodity prices have turned up, but he did not raise the price of this commodity, the old price, the old taste, a little jerry.

once, he said to me, now selling this product basically do not make money, count the labor would lose money. I said, you should put the price up,