women’s franchise is a more common project, a lot of friends will join the women’s clothing. Women’s clothing is the most profitable to join the choice, the woman’s money is best earned, women’s clothing store to pay attention to what the problem, the women’s clothing tips to make big money, we come in to see how to do more money in the end.

one: adhere to the three meter principle

"three meter principle" is based on the principle of customer approach. Customers into the store, maintain and sales at the distance of three meters, the salesman can greet customers with smile and eye contact. If the customer is three meters away from the sales staff to say hello, it will seem too enthusiastic to scare away customers. According to an incomplete statistics, the sales staff did not use the day three meter principle, women’s stores to join, ignore the customer, it will lead to the loss of a single store daily loss of 3. Long term accumulation, will be a loss of a lot of sales.

two: Welcoming language

general chain of clothing stores, restaurants and other stores have the brand benefit better has unified welcome when you walk into the language, such as any of a McDonald’s, you will hear the familiar words "Welcome McDonald’s!" and not the other. Clothing counters welcome language should be careful not to use "please look at" instead of "welcome", because the "casual look" will give the customer a kind of subconscious mind to go out. Can be replaced with what can be seen on the right to try."

three: give customers free shopping space

when the customer enters the clothing store, it is a very important marketing method to give the customers enough free time. When we go shopping, when the salesperson is looking after you, there will be an uncomfortable feeling. As a customer, like a relaxed, free shopping environment to watch and select. Introduce the customer to the customer, or look at the customer like a thief. Bring the invisible pressure of customers, will let the customer away.

four: choose the time to communicate with the customer

joined the women’s clothing store, when the customer enters the store needs to maintain a certain distance with the customer, to create a free shopping space for customers, but not to the customer and ignore, when customers need to answer or advice, timely, can it will greatly increase the customers to buy the product. If customers stay to watch in a commodity before, when the customer opened clothing price see, when customers take the initiative to ask questions, and when the goods are at the customer look around when customers are very interested in the clothing sales, it should actively help the customer to attack, right.

five: recommended to try to facilitate the transaction