female entrepreneurship is no longer a rare thing, but you can open 40 stores in the next 5 years, not the average person can do, but the woman did it, called the model of women in the field of entrepreneurship.

19 years alone into the capital, only five years, in the country opened a 40 home jewelry store, now the fan Yung Ju is a fashion young boss, but in the five years ago, she was because of her poor family can not afford to pay tuition and school. After idle for half a year, not willing to poor Fan Yongru decided to go out to try again, one day in 2000, Fan Yongru came to Beijing. But the train she found, because before she has not been to the county city, the huge Beijing she don’t know what I should decide on what path to follow.

I to the Zhongguancun is very interested, I think I must go to the village to look at the time, I may have the development of place, and sat down to Zhongguancun car. I went to go after, after I got out of the car I suddenly Mongolia, and how I think is not the same ah, and our home village how such a big difference. "What can I make a lot of actual data


and then the friend Jamie ink went to South Korea, it is the season of ink trip to South Korea, changed the life trajectory of Fan Yongru. The original "Jamie ink and bought a lot of what kind of bracelet, necklace ah ah, in the Han Guoting cheap, I took some time back, Fan Yongru, come here to me that came after it, I say you’re the beauty, very beautiful, and then I put these things to you, the result she chose a lot of time to tell you the truth I want to spread to many friends here, she suddenly picked so much, I said my heart there is little no."

will do most of the year, fan Yung Ju save twenty thousand yuan, the benefit of small ornaments business makes fan Yung Ju determined to open his own shop recommended.200