hot summer, I believe everyone is to "get the mouth parched and tongue scorched, heart anger out it is the best choice of cool and hot weather food, one summer, ice shop business is very good, every day is full of customers. Therefore, to open a shop to earn some ice. So, how to operate the ice shop? How much do you need to start an ice shop? Here let Xiaobian for you one by one analysis, interested to understand!

open a shop to ice equipment mainly includes a refrigerator, ice machine, a sand ice machine, plus the store rent and renovation costs, storefront cost can reach 200 thousand yuan. Ice store raw materials for a variety of fresh fruit characteristics and production of ice ingredients of mung bean, red bean.

ice stores how to operate? Under high temperature, store design, very suitable for fresh and beautiful ice shop. At the same time, you can put a variety of fruit in front of the counter, such as Australia’s mango, pineapple, Taiwan, the Xinjiang Hami melon. These pleasing fruit has not yet opened the mouth, appetite greatly increased. Fresh fruit and through the heart of ice is simply a heaven-made match, but because of the hot weather, the best stores comply with many varieties but not much principle so as to maintain the freshness of fruits.

ice stores how to operate? Easy to open a shop in ice, not only need to have some input, and requires careful management. According to a Hangzhou business ice shop owner introduced, even if one year has 6 months in the summer, also have half a year to recover the cost, and now Hangzhou has seen a lot of ice cream shop, many stores also sell pearl milk tea, ice ice, which undoubtedly increases the pressure of competition, however, can really make the reputation the shop is not seen.

the landlord must be committed to build brands, such as the launch of the 1 – 2 specialty products, and in the selection of fruit, fruit note category, in addition, can also work on the ice, such as the production of milk ice. Finally, the best ice shop location in downtown or large flow of people.

ice was all very love the delicacy, especially in the summer, the demand is very large, is a very good business, a lot of people who want to start a business can try to open the ice stores, although the investment is small, but the operation is difficult, and it is not 100% money item. In particular, the market is now competitive pressure, can really make the reputation of the store is not much, so it is not easy to start a shop. If you want to open a shop must implement the ice, shop step, step by step to success.

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