sells small chopsticks, but can create a huge profit, which is many people cannot imagine, but in this small series to introduce you is such a rich example, will make it easy for you to witness the rich ability of chopsticks.

"sheep chopsticks village" in the chopsticks have a lot of material, bamboo, wood, ceramics, and some strange short chopsticks, Zhang Wei said, this kind of chopsticks is designed for children Zhang Wei said, some experts dedicated to the study of chopsticks, chopsticks that in use, will be involved in more than and 30 nerves, more than and 50 muscles. So, in fact, chopsticks is also an exercise in our hands, help the development of the cerebellum.

Art chopsticks sell fire, and inspire design inspiration Zhang Wei novel, she tried the traditional process China, made a lot of western use gadgets, there are many made of Chinese tradition Western-style gadgets, her shop for example, ice cream spoon, for instance, butter knife.

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