society in the development of the vast number of consumers at the same time allow consumers to have more places to spend, a variety of department stores and buildings rise, the momentum is very majestic. How to manage the stores, in order to attract more business investment, we look at it:

seize resources store only a short while ago, become a major focus of brand competition, the so-called "store resources to get the world". Today, the furniture and building materials industry has gradually matured, large and medium cities tend to saturation or surplus stores. In the case of Xinyu, the Oriental Paris, Guangdong new building materials market, furniture city, Guangdong NAR mall, Green Town, pearl size Yushui stores, as well as in the construction of the 300 thousand square meters of Guangzhou City Home Furnishing Building Materials Expo Center, 10000 Red trade logistics center, stores the total amount far exceeds the capacity of the market.

A: good location conditions an attractive market, the first is good location. For example, the eastern part of Paris because of the good location and unique competitive advantage, high satisfaction. The store is located in Xinyu Road intersection with Qingnian Road, the surrounding facilities, facilities, convenient transportation, can attract a large number of people and traffic. As Xinyu’s largest collection of furniture, ceramics, sanitary ware, wood flooring, lighting, building materials, electrical appliances and other sales of one-stop Home Furnishing stores, Eastern Paris will play the most incisive geographical advantage over the years, the business is quite good.

two conditions: whether it is large-scale manufacturing or distribution industry, pay attention to cluster effect. Therefore, for furniture stores, the larger the size, the more favored by dealers.

10000 Red trade logistics center, go is to win the mass line. In business (International > Red