exquisite jewelry can easily attract the attention of female friends, home accessories chain, earn a woman’s money, there is a market. The site is located in the jewelry chain, to maximize access to more customers, the location is very important. The following small series to provide some jewelry store location matters needing attention.

1. passenger traffic is the most important.

accessories chain store location, busy streets, downtown, the public may consider the next station.

2. with well-known stores.

select the local female consumers often appear, such as popular busy shopping malls, clothing city, female stores.

3. use the "get together" effect.

If jewelry chain products have obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4. select low density area.

if the jewelry chain is not obvious characteristics of product or business experience is not rich enough, you can avoid competition, choose jewelry chain "low density" coverage, good investment opportunities waiting for you!

actually jewelry chain is not difficult to find a good store location, for the success of the shop has laid a good foundation. If you are a novice, you must be sure to pay attention to the location of the jewelry store in the opening of the skills, these four points is the jewelry store location common skills, for reference only.