with the start of entrepreneurship as a common choice of employment, the identity of the entrepreneurial mentor has begun to get the attention of society. January 4th, Chengdu Rong Rong town, held an international exchange of experts and entrepreneurs mentor Innovation Summit, entrepreneurial team and mentor launched a heated discussion.

when the "fiscal angel" entrepreneurship project leader Li Maoqing had finished after the speech, the scene of five tutors raised written "I  Want  U" sign, five instructors are questioning, the activities to a climax. Your project is very good, we can make a deep exchange, I can help you tap the core competitiveness of the project." Well known business mentor Zhang Xuegong words, deeply moved by the Li Maoqing, bow, hug, the two immediately became a mentor, the scene came bursts of applause.

Improvement and optimization of the business model of

"is an eternal problem!" In the glory of the town of innovation and entrepreneurship mentor mentor project matchmaking meeting, Li Ruxiong, general manager of Optics Valley venture coffee to butt entrepreneurs say. It is reported that this is the establishment of the first town of Chengdu Jing innovation expert mentor group, including 20 domestic and foreign experts and the city of innovation and entrepreneurship mentor 20 entrepreneurial projects to form one on one counseling, and help entrepreneurs solve problems encountered on the road of business.

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