a lot of people sigh why others can start a business, buy a house to buy a car, make money, they will not work. In fact, there is no lack of ability, but the timing is not right, do not have a good grasp of what they are doing. So what kind of projects in order to make money, in fact, there are traces of the following details, I think you should understand!

1. adults as children

in food, supplies retail, a large part of children’s consumer goods market. Children’s consumer goods market flexibility, strong purchasing power, coupled with the impact of advertising, emotion, environment, to invest in this market is a viable choice.

2. heavy industry as light industry

3. synthesis as professional


4. new lease

5. supplies are not as good as food

6." do " male as " do "

female social purchasing power is in the hands of the hands of a woman over 70%. Women are not only in charge of the " of most Chinese families; the financial power of " and a considerable portion of goods are directly consumed by women. High fashion, shoes and hats, precious jewelry, cosmetics, no woman is not the world. So, if you invest in consumer goods, whether it is production or sales, you will be directed to a woman, you will find more opportunities.