venture regardless of origin, as long as the entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial resources, ordinary people can become a billionaire, an ordinary carpenter, by virtue of their discovery of two look far ahead from a high plane, entrepreneurial opportunities, and achieved amazing success.

first startup:

"to eat with me!"

1952 July, Zhang Guoxi was born in Jiangxi, Yujiang, in 1973, is still a small carpenter, he relies on a wooden box and the sale of 1400 yuan to start the ancestral home of the first venture.

"to eat with me!" In September 1973, seeing the crumbling, Deng Bu Zhen tools built on the verge of collapse, only 20 years old, as the workshop director Zhang Guoxi in such a simple and rich spirit of the discourse, encouraged the 21 colleagues, he started to follow. He ran back home to sell the ancestral home, with the proceeds of 1400 yuan opened the Yujiang craft carving factory.