office workers are mostly moonlight family, wages can not meet their physical needs. So many people want to go to business, but because the work is very stable, do not want to give up work, this time to think of eight hours of office workers to make money. The following are three forms of money, with a small series to see it!

first part-time.

second. The business partnership

for urban white-collar workers, most of them have no money, no time to quit my job and find it difficult, so they always want to work and other income, if so, can find a partner, you can even use money and strategy, you contacts, let him help you pay a very pleasant time, such cooperation, but also can let you have a good income.

together with partners business needs attention is: responsibility, right and benefit must be clear, the best form of written text, signed by both parties, witnesses, lest a verbal statement without any proof. Can’t wait to make money. We see a number of partners to cooperate in the business, before the company did not make a profit, both sides can get along with each other, and gas, once the company made money, contradictions began to appear, and sometimes out of control. This is the most bustling partnership began, the middle Dadanaonao, finally suffer a big.