young people have a dream, this is our fair spell, young people in the capital, young people, there are a lot of friends would like to venture, Ma is a successful young people admire very much, his experience is very helpful for young entrepreneurs. These three things, Ma insisted for 30 years! Let’s listen to what he says.

Second, to the spirit of play. Alipay today there is a huge controversy, in fact, in 2004 for Alipay, when Ali finance, I know that one day will encounter such trouble, I also struggled, then listen to a lot of politicians, entrepreneurs talking about this issue at the meeting in Davos. What is the play? You think it’s right, it’s good for the development of society, and you really believe it, you take it up and do it. I remember after that meeting, I am in Davos call the company said, immediately, now, do it right away, if I am willing to solve the problem. At the beginning of last year, Ali’s internal financial conference, I told all my colleagues, if we have to activate China’s financial reform, innovation, if based on this someone to pay the price, I come. I believe that if we really bring the hope of improving the community, activate the financial services industry, and innovation, we will certainly get better, because society will always be more clear.