Liang Qichao once said: "the youth country for juvenile training is the key to education, so a good education can cultivate more excellent talents, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to. Five major initiatives to the Dazhou implementation of the principal teacher county school recruits pipe reform, efforts to break through the barriers of principals and teachers management system, in accordance with the "pilot work experience, ideas, fully open, and strive to achieve 7 in 2020 before the county (city or district) institutionalized and normalized within the principal teacher exchange rotation the.

one is to organize regular communication. The development of principal teachers regularly exchange programs, arrange the exchange between teachers and teachers in urban schools and rural schools, exchanges between quality schools and weak schools to encourage individuals to apply for communication. The principal teacher exchange rotation period of not less than 3 years.

two is the implementation of Intercollegiate competition. In the school staffing quota, according to the school leadership positions and teacher vacancies, principals and teachers meet the conditions of the organization within the county to participate in the competition for jobs, preferential exchange rotation.

three is a collaborative partnership. The definition of city high school, the weak school in county level of rural school science, pass the patch pair, union school, was the principal teacher to bidirectional rotation exchange, resource sharing, complementary advantages. Two-way communication between the time of 2 years.

four is the exchange of attachment in urban and rural areas. Selected city outstanding principals (leaders) and teachers to rural schools, post training teaching, some teachers of rural school principals, city high school to study, study with the post attachment. Exchange of attachment time not less than 1 years.

five is the transfer of rural areas. For not all parents to cultivate children’s bounden responsibility, is also the social responsibility, as the children of our generation, only to cultivate their better, to vigorously forward social progress and development. The provisions of Dazhou township level, focusing on promoting the center of the school to a small village and teaching points exchange rotation. Through the above article we can see that the implementation of the five measures, is based on the current situation and the development of hope in the future to achieve significant results.

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