think of a shop selling a variety of goods, many people think of the nature of the need for special sales staff. But in the new era, a new business model came out, this is no one selling. However, no one can really open shop? Let Xiaobian to your analysis.

just opened the store opened for two months, the first month, guaranteed, no loss did not earn, Junior Girls Li Lan (a pseudonym) and friends have breathed a sigh of relief, before the shop did not expect the worst results". Last week, when Li Lan second months of inventory, after the removal of the cost, but also a loss of more than 1000 yuan, before the shop has envisioned such a result".

following the Fujian Kasetsart University unguarded flower stall 2 years to sell 20 thousand potted flower money, a no less; the Chenggong campus of the Yunnan University, a junior boys in the dormitory downstairs to open the unattended pot selling point, "never Diuguo things, no one took the flowers do not pay", some people found in Kunming the city also appeared in the vending shop, however, with the previous two cases is different, two months of opening, the store appeared for someone to take away something less paid for it or not. In this regard, the Yunnan University Professor bluntly, the move in the current level of social morality is generally not the case, more like a beautiful dream.

phenomenon no store lattice shop, few people patronize

this is located in the southwest of the shop is located in the seven floor of the new southwest Parkson, the shadow of the entrance of the international film studios.

yesterday morning 10 am, reporters came to the store to see, to form lattice shop shop decoration under the lights is more like a grocery store, a variety of sophisticated gadgets listed in lattice shop, necklace jewelry, dolls, cloth, glasses and so on more than 20 kinds of goods, prices ranging from 1 yuan the postcard to the toy bag 50 yuan.

shop next to the huge billboard "integrity of the station, no sale" shows its uniqueness. In the container, the half of the baffle has been removed, hand in, you can take out the goods. Next to a small white box on the lock is a self-service payment box".

studios, a lot of people waiting to enter, for the store, in addition to the majority of people looking at the strange, will lift the phone to take a few photos, very few people will go in to see what the store.

am 11 am, the appearance of the students of the high school students in the two, see the shop signs, can not help but stop in front of the container after a walk away.

"here used to sell dolls, some of the guards, and now sell these things, no one guards." Studio staff introduction.