tea chain store operators in order to get a good profit, in terms of business needs to do a good job in the investigation. It is important to know the strength of the brand and the quality of the product, to understand the needs of the market and the positioning of the consumer. If you do not examine the full, then the operation will be very difficult.

tea is a drink, so the quality must pass, to ensure that green pollution-free. When choosing to join must choose pollution-free tea, health quality management standard, along with the development of science and technology progress, the tea in the quality inspection also have higher requirements, in the choice to join the tea shop when not to choose the quality standards of tea.

According to

market research, in a very low grade tea consumption market in the market, more popular with consumers, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, health care is emphasized, black tea and white tea with its unique health function, quality of storage transformation, the investment value of the collection and other unique attributes, to attract more and more consumers and social capital and investment institutions, the annual market growth on the growth rate of about 20%. Choose to join the quota time to pay attention to the market.

tea chain store operators need to do a good job of investment observation, to further promote the development of shops. If you have a clear understanding and understanding of the market and their own situation, then you can make the right business strategy based on the actual situation, it is very important, must not be ignored.

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