Shanghai as an international metropolis, as China’s financial center, is a large number of enterprises and businesses gathered! 5.11, Shanghai’s 4 land auction crazy to what extent? Here we have a detailed understanding!

in the electric world, Hunger Games are not killing each other. Reality is not so simple, in May 11th, Shanghai day four crazy land auction results, the first tier cities in the real estate market is releasing a number of signals.

Three residential sites

originally located in Shanghai rural central region, and ultimately by Xiangyu estate, GREE real estate (18.260, -0.34, -1.83%), SUNAC competing. Since more than and 30 housing prices to participate in the bidding, the price of the land to shoot the three, the premium rate of more than 100%. Fengxian District Nanqiao plots floor price of 22 thousand yuan / square meters, close to the sale of commercial housing, Songjiang District Sijing two homestead floor price was 37 thousand yuan / square meter, 38 thousand yuan / square meters, more than in the vicinity of commercial housing prices.


reporter interviewed more than 11 stakeholders, housing prices in May to participate in the film, many people think that this year first-tier cities land supply will be seriously insufficient, we are waiting, so when the soil took a few once the bad state of mind will shoot sky high.

cifi holdings executive director and President Raymond Lam pointed out that the second tier city land prices skyrocketing and little first-tier cities lack of land supply, but because of soaring prices second city to bring premium prices, land prices rose again to bring the new round of price increases. But this reflects the demand for housing land prices from a side.

companies need to get different

what kind of housing prices in crazy to buy? Three homestead transactions from May 11th shows that buyers of real estate, real estate and Xiangyu GREE financial record, is certainly not so much in Shanghai, need replenishment.

at the beginning of this year, Sun Hongbin, chairman of China’s financial secretary has pointed out that now buy a lot of risk into the first tier cities. But just 4 months later, financial record in one fell swoop down Shanghai Songjiang Sijing homestead, the floor price of 38291 yuan / square meters, the premium rate of 112%, a record of regional unit to the king.

Sun Hongbin has said that this year first-tier cities do not take place, but the acquisition of this year in Shanghai Pudong Pujiang town land, cost up to 67 thousand yuan / square meters, plus tax cost to reach 70 thousand yuan / square meters, and now get a piece of 38 thousand yuan / square meter.

In fact,

has been looking for opportunities in recent years. By the end of 2015, a record price of 17 thousand yuan / square meter price to get a government district, recommend