With wonderful case

recently in Jiangmen City, the husband and wife to find her husband mistress, nurturing mistress lied to the field trip, his wife and lover take time off open room was husband’. The four corners of chaos is a headache.

however, received 110 orders in 20 minutes, Asono police also received a man and woman home alarm, called their brother Li Mougang to call them, saying that he had been arrested, 20 thousand yuan ransom. "We feel these two cases may be one thing." Stuart said.

11 oclock in the morning, the road patrol police in the vicinity of Jiangmen City Jianghai District Jiangnan street a car maintenance service station will be waiting at the door, Curtis suspects in a car wash shop captured in the car and found the detained lee. Subsequently, in conjunction with the MOU, the police will be involved in the two suspects Ma, pingmou arrested.

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