in every place in China will have a place of food culture, Chinese fast food has been sought after, only a Chinese fast food brand implies the characteristics of the breed is numerous, with its own characteristics.

Zhejiang Huzhou Jiangnan kitchen Catering Management Co., Ltd is a comprehensive catering service company specialized research and development, the Chinese fast food restaurant supply, management consulting, join the chain as a whole, in the Chinese fast food industry is the first line of the enterprise standardization, which owns "Jiangnan kitchen" and "Kellogg send" two catering brand, built a large production center and efficient product delivery team, professional 4008 national customer service center, has established long-term cooperation relations with more than and 50 green organic vegetable base, with advanced R & D personnel 3, 13 senior managers, middle-level management personnel more than 100 people, strong support and standardize the logistics service the operation team of more than 600 people, and 3 universities in Hangzhou signed a talent training plan, actively expand cooperation in western colleges negotiate talent cooperation, to ensure that the quality of human resources .

The long-term goal of

Jiangnan kitchen franchise brand is becoming a popular Chinese fast-food chain brand, with "market oriented, steady and rapid occupation of the market" brand strategy, actively promote the franchise system, sincerely looking for the visionary franchisee, creating a "successful Chinese fast food brand.

reason to join the southern Kitchen:

1, the operation mode is mature and easy to manage

brand has been successfully operated for more than ten years, the operation mode has been very mature, easy to learn, easy to manage.

2, the consumer market mature operating pressure

Jiangnan kitchen food product variety, both southerners love the elegant fragrance, there are northerners love mellow fragrance, pure taste, popular.

3, product pricing autonomy free space

price of the sale of the franchisee can be based on the market price of the consumer power of independent pricing, fresh vegetables can be purchased on their own, according to the local diet hobby independent deployment, completely independent.

4, professional management team guidance, training quality assurance

company functional departments complete, clear responsibilities, management team stability, to join the shop staff to carry out one to one professional training, management methods are easy to learn, simple food operation, product quality and stability.

5, service consistently

company to join the business commitment: from consulting to normal operation