Now, people are very fond of quick payment. Therefore, the dispute between the major banks began. First, workers and peasants in the construction of four lines down fast payment amount, after ICBC directly off Alipay’s quick payment interface, recently, four lines and third party payment around fast payment of tug of war, let the last winter was the taxi wars burn fiery payment industry suffered a "late spring coldness". As a full participation in the reporter, personally feel that the current reports on this issue, or is a reflection of the sound is not comprehensive enough, or is the analysis of the problem is not thorough enough, some is not fun, so I want to borrow your treasure, the core problems do some reading, is purely a peephole view. Playing the security card is the most smelly strokes, but also the current four lines can be used to recruit the best limit fast payment on the grounds of security, can be said to be a big trick. Fast payment is the industry standard, if not safe, it is impossible to develop the industry. In 2010, Alipay and Bank of China launched the first after the quick payment, the third party payment institutions, bank UnionPay even have it as a pioneering work, at present, the total number of users in more than 300 million. And even if there is a case of quick payment stolen, nor is it a non systemic risk. Released by the end of 2013, China’s online payment security white paper pointed out that China’s overall risk control network payment industry. Although the media can see the case of quick payment stolen, but any industry can not risk zero. The financial industry, in itself is a business risk of the industry, bank deposits are also risks, as long as it is not systemic risk, the industry is not a problem. Moreover, for the case of fast payment stolen, the third party to pay a number of leading enterprises have made you dare to pay, I dare to pay, the commitment, the theft occurred in full payment. In contrast, online banking, if stolen can only stare. Of course, the big four play the security card also Henzhao coup. Since the rapid payment was born, although the development is very fast, but there are still a lot of users to the convenience and risk equate, that is convenient to be unsafe, so that they can not use fast payment. WeChat paid out after the use of a variety of packaging, that is not to say that their essence is fast payment, but also the truth. You know, grassroots network users the most forgetful, most likely to be misleading, the four lines and to protect the safety of customer funds under the banner said quick payment is not safe, a lot of people at this stage because the emotions will be called the bank, a few days feeling back, estimates will be scared. The four lines are used in the most bloody means to the future "card" Four what behavior should jump out to limit fast payment at this time? In my opinion, the outside world is looking for reasons, too much focus on the quick payment itself, or another step forward to the balance of treasure moved the bank vested interests, these statements should be right, but not all. In fact, the first four lines of the intention by the central bank in the form of the third party payment company is firmly fixed in the "online" and "micro payment", after the unsuccessful Jihouhou to yourself, is essentially the four lines in the future for a card, card, card of the mobile Internet Era of Internet Financial Times a. In China’s financial system, payment is a.