is a spring festival in the past, will usher in another batch of graduates out of school, I do not know the depth of social society as they had at the beginning, there are certainly a lot of entrepreneurs who want to venture, but some problems is that they have to consider.

all entrepreneurs: according to the present situation of rural employment and entrepreneurship, from university and now college-graduate village official to ask you to talk about, the youth should hold what attitude towards employment?

all entrepreneurs: in the process of entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs are experienced many failures, finally succeeded, you can simply talk about how to face the failure?

1, the most sincere, the most sincere to help your people;

3, please expert help you analyze the reasons for the failure, in order to avoid a repeat of


4, to seek new partners, to complement each other;

5, integration of surplus resources to stage a comeback.

all entrepreneurs: a large portion of graduates graduate unemployment status, how to adjust the personnel’s attitude seems to have gradually become a focus of college education, do you think these groups need to keep the mentality of how?