1. collection should be straightforward.

2. before taking action, find out the reasons for the default.

is negligence, or the product is dissatisfied with the funds, or deliberately, should adopt different strategies according to different situation of accounts receivable.

3. to find the initial contact.

4. don’t make aggressive behavior.

Dunning when by the gas, think of a way out, or even make a radical, this method is not desirable. Once the skin is torn, the customer may go down, it will become increasingly difficult to collect.

5. do not be afraid of losing customers and dunning.

due payment, behoove. Customers do not cause fear reminders quickly, or lose customers, will only make the customer insatiable, encourage such bad habits. In fact, as long as the skills used properly, can be regarded as the opportunity to communicate with customers. Of course, if the customer does not pay, the loss of the customer and the big deal?

6. make a prompt decision, timely termination of delivery.

especially for customers "delivery will no longer pay" threat; otherwise it will huoxianhuoshen.

7. collection time is critical, adhere to the principle of "regular collection".

the longer, the more difficult to recover. The specialized research institutions responsible for the collection of foreign receivables show that the degree of difficulty depends on the age and not more than 2 years the amount of accounts receivable, account for only 20% and 80% can be recovered, in less than 2 years to recover.

One of the biggest missteps of

8. is to ask for a portion of the money.

9. adopt competitive collection strategy.

10. collection to the "King Diamond", have pursued the spirit.