network life is never a lack of vitality, never a lack of popularity, as personal webmaster, you may think that will register a domain name, buy a space, and then install CMS to build the site since think personal webmaster. Because the Internet, the website carries our dream, but also hope that their website will one day who, who, who has achieved, at least can bring profits, improve their quality of life. Therefore, the interpretation of our every day in the constant establishment of websites, updates, promotion, as well as various forums, Q group exchanges. Most of the people spent every day in the busy day in and day out, and finally found what no achievements, most experience to see a certain success is to see who today released the collection screenshots, who heard the monthly income is considerable, envy, then try to find, and then copy the success.

however, we will find that what you see, hear, and even friends tell you, use them most is not for you, even the so-called Wangzhuan training is not suitable for you, because most of the time will not crash, no cheats, there will be no more unearned. What we need is down-to-earth positioning, persistence and profit.

type 1, webmaster resource site

about resource sites, maybe a lot of friends will think of pictures, classes, software class sites, in fact, I do not think so. These individuals are tired, even if you collect them. We need to be precise. I put forward some of my own suggestions, such as we can do WordPress theme site, this is what we have always wanted to do, and also often talked with little Tang classmate. But because of the time problem has not been implemented, even if we see a lot of sites already, but we can also find a breakthrough. In view of the current mainstream CMS, we can choose one of them, you can also choose to integrate, and then collect, organize to your site, do a good job of presentation, demonstration and download.

if you can on this kind of resource site, such as WordPress the theme of foreign language, even the original release, your website can not flow? How many of the domestic webmaster group, how many new Adsense need these resources every day? Some friends say is not complicated, it is actually very simple, look at the video to know how to do. You simply need simple HTML and CSS to start. Such sites can include WordPress Theme classes, dedecms themes, and other foreign CMS topics. Choose 1-3.

second category, life class special resource site

I made a stock software site a few years ago, unlike the download station. I integrate the stock software of a software station into my website, evaluate each software, install demonstration tutorials and use methods. Even if you update 2 every day, it will be very impressive. Because >