what is Google PR?


Google PR is part of a Google search ranking algorithm in the level from 1 to 10, 10 for the full score, the higher the PR value that the web search rankings in the status of the more important, that is to say, under the same conditions, have the priority in the PR value high site search results Google ranking.

, according to officials, Google’s massive PR updates are made every 3 months. Since the 2008-12-31 update has been around for almost 3 months, and in the next 1 weeks, GOOGLE’s PR will be updated. What can we do before the update,


in the light of past experience and comprehensive practice, I think we should do the following:

1, looking for quality links (many friends try to find high quality links and eliminate low-quality links before PR updates).

I think: first, seek high quality of the same type of web links. Two, if you have a budget, you can buy high-quality links. Three, eliminate the quality of the chain out of the link (especially with suspected punishment site connection).

2, organize dead links in the station (pages that cannot be opened, pages with popups, contents that violate the rules of GOOGLE search engines).

I think: station inside the connection to the PR value update damage is the most direct. Handle and rectify the dead link in the station, play a positive role in improving the PR value.

3, diligent in updating station information (news, product, consultation, etc.).

I think: often updated station information, one can maintain the vitality of the site, but also can cause the attention of search engines and care. Before the Google PR update, many friends will actively update the station information, many friends said the role is still obvious.

4, to the well-known community and webmaster network to send soft (for example: outdated, webmaster home, Tianya and so on).

I think: a lot of friends in text outside the station all have their own links, so that is invisible to their site to bring a high quality of the chain, which not only from the text on their propaganda also bring the chain to improve themselves, increase GOOGLE PR value of the chance to update PR.

5 do the space safety and normal operation of the website (from the website cannot open the phenomenon of no horse,


I think: the website is linked to the horse will cause extremely bad influence on the site itself, is also quite large for search engine damage. The site is often inaccessible, whether it is the search engine, the site itself is the worst, too serious, and even lead to search engines to drop power. Google PR update period to ensure good space security and normal operation of the site, to get Google favor, to improve the PR value of great help!


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