tells you how to do a travel agency website,

sent a few posts, and in the last two days, a lot of friends have contacted me via QQ and MSN, and hopefully I’ve been able to give them more advice at the Internet level, which makes me very happy. I once said, I am a theoretical research, the tourism industry is also a lot of unfamiliar, specific practice and feasibility, but also with you a lot of deliberations, and ultimately let everyone success is my duty and desire. Although many people told me that most of the travel enterprises in the same way do not come with learning attitude, I still believe that those who are willing to think and learn can get what they want. I would be happy to answer a friend who still has questions about it.

several recent problems are mainly concentrated in two points, one is the evaluation of the website, and the other is the marketing of the network. From my contact point of view, everyone’s problems are basically the same, and the mistakes are similar, so I simply write down, today first talk about the site.

first, that’s the location. Almost all of the friends are not going to start telling me their situation, come up to ask how SEO do marketing, how to build a website? Oh, but this is difficult for me to death. No I can’t reply that you asked Ding Lei (NetEase), Ma Yun (Alibaba), Zhang Zhaoyang (Sohu), Robin Li (Baidu), Ceng Rongqun (timev) they will be rendered speechless! I usually ask very patiently, what is your


1 What do you do as a land agent, a travel agency, a wholesaler? What services are you going to provide?…… Although you may think it’s not worth talking about, I’d like you to repeat it to me again. It doesn’t waste much effort,

2, who do you want to serve? Travel agencies or direct customers? Self help tours, self drive tours, and group customers…… It is better to have a point, even if your strength is strong enough to serve the people of different classes, races and cultures all over the world, then you can say a general trend.

second, that is, the profit model. I want to tell you how to make money? I don’t want you here to do a tourism e-commerce website, but want to know you are ready to make money in some aspects of tourism? I travel and entertainment, or other


third, that is, site building. Looks very simple, find a network company, sob Kacha, without a month out?! to think so, that you don’t already become a tourist industry Daniel the? Website construction should also be from many aspects to consider.

1, "content is king" the truth everyone understand? I don’t understand again – content is the site of the key! As long as you in front of the position to think clearly, then you give according to their location and positioning of the target group for content. Put what you can do; put your own target group in order to know what to put in.