novice friends just started, because there is no experience, and seek cheap, heart, it is easy to be fooled. In this paper, summed up the easy to be taken into account, summed up the bad, I hope the novice can use it.

one, don’t believe in free space,

some of the lack of integrity of the company or individual, with the name of free space or collect the entire station program for sale, or placing Trojan malicious programs like benefit, and usually the name of public image, such posts, they will be sent to the forum, and the forum of stationmaster is not good;

two, do not easily buy programs / data / code

many applications is constantly changing a name repeated sale, at the same time the text trap has to be careful with


three, do not accept the "advertising effectiveness test"

For example, a

IDC One’s reputation was a byword. you drive, any price will say OK, but the real test is on a week to see the effect of


four, do not lend money to

I do not know too much

in the root case, almost no friendship or not before dealing, may get money will disappear after that;

five, beware gunner,

is the Webmaster Station of public speculation has been vigorously against, but not all places are like this, for example, some people in some places with a mix of amateur Oscar prize is estimated to have directed, what, everyone have their stay in mind;

six, cheap, no good goods, the sky does not drop pie,

if something is cheap too, be careful not to run away? Heaven diaoxianbing thing is not, but I’m afraid we not; the most famous example like big brother to take the lead in the previous 777, on how to share, finally proved to be sentenced to more clearly don’t cheat; gaming in his words, can do it;

seven, making a hundred dollars a day is not so easy,

especially the so-called "network business", "for Indoorsman Indoorswoman part-time money", and so on, and then release a few dollars.Cn address or address behind with parameters, we must be careful;

eight, use BAIDU/GG


must pay more attention to take each other’s information control in the search engine, such as a view behind ID, also should search history: his post is fierce hair up, or going up; have been outdated appear, or in recent months suddenly appeared (even if the ID is 5/6 before); although there is no absolute, but relatively speaking, with the effort to run point will cherish.

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