open a convenience store, in addition to do a good job purchasing, positioning, decoration, the most important thing is to choose a suitable shop location. Once the location of the shop, business model and business strategy will be determined. Here are some of the survey should be done before opening a convenience store, look at it!

(a) customer quantity and quality

analysis of the customer’s consumption ability, including the following:

1. information on consumer characteristics and consumer habits in the region;

2. population structure, including the age of the existing population, gender, occupation, education and population density, growth rate and other basic conditions;

The number and composition of

3. households, including the total number of households in the family changes in the situation,

4. consumer income levels, including personal and household income;

5. consumer status, including the level of consumer spending, consumer purchasing power and consumer awareness.

(two) convenience stores in the region of passenger flow. The main investigation and analysis of the location of the convenience store passenger flow, passenger flow status, direction, speed, the purpose of the flow and the amount of absorption.

(three) traffic condition. Convenience store location must investigate the traffic situation, we should consider the distance from the station, road conditions, the nature of the station, traffic connection, handling and the flow of the number and quality of personnel, etc..

(four) competition. The main understanding of market competitors, including the types of competitors convenience stores, location, number, size, turnover, business policy, management of goods and services, etc..

(five) convenience stores around the situation. Focusing on the investigation of convenience stores around the free market, street entertainment, is not a commercial or residential area concentrated area, these factors affect the choice of shops convenience stores.

(six) convenience stores in the area of infrastructure, including road facilities, water, electricity, gas supply, etc..

open convenience store is not difficult, as long as there is money, do a good job in market research, you can enter the. Of these factors, the convenience store before being set up, must carry on the detailed investigation and study, master all the favorable or unfavorable effects to the convenience store, and with the view of development of convenience store layout choices, to correctly predict the future.

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