will soon be arriving on May 1st Labor Day, with the exception of the statutory three day holiday. For the author, there is also a temptation that businessmen may have to lower their prices. Why do you say, because based on past experience, in addition to 51 is a golden week tourism, shopping or a golden week, in addition to offline businesses online crazy promotions, the seller will use to exhaust all the skills for consumers, for example, in May last year, Jingdong, even Suning Gome’s price war, and lasted nearly two months, so in accordance with this Convention, today in May, these businesses should be again the price war, and we must be willing to consumers to see this happen.

but I also think about it, the 51 golden week today, Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning B2C seems unlikely to continue the war, because we have no reason to continue and significance as to why, the author will illustrate his point later in the article, and here I first talk about the price war behind the real commercial significance.

everyone knows that price promotions will reduce the profitability of their own, some businesses will even do lose money trading, but even so, Jingdong, Suning and other business giants still bored, so in the end what is the reason? I think in their view, the price war is actually a public relations war, although it is. Money, but to do their own brand publicity, money flow, is actually a disguised promotion, like suning.com, a war last year 6.18 with Jingdong, did not say how much the final promotion scale, only to see the final result that Suning is worth it, the quarter Su Ning, the online transaction volume increased by 15 percentage points, with a focus on the line of the manufacturers, this is undoubtedly a success and achievement transformation.

also said who said the price war will make businesses really bleeding, in fact the price war has many Maoni, cite a simple example, many businesses will adopt some means to cleverly avoid the contrast heart of consumers, such as type and color from the start, let the consumer not fundamentally than two products in the end who’s cheaper, not only that, for some really cheap products to take the next plane out of stock, it is a kind of strategy to avoid, in addition, now a lot of business in the promotion time, often uses the books DaTouZhen, through books sold at a loss to improve the price war influence, but the market demand for books how much do, believe that experienced so much the price war and we could still have points.

so, as far as the situation is concerned, the price war will not go on for three reasons.


is a farce, experienced in 2012 after the price war, many consumers are disappointed, because businesses have been the trick we see through, is nothing more than cheap goods have no goods, especially Jingdong and things in order to gloss it over, Suning shijizhizhan, is known as the century of cheat, so the price battle for market appeal has not as before.