When it comes to raising money,

says, I can only hold a "shake head, sigh" attitude to a lot of personal webmaster.

really do not know what a dream of cold, neither the technology nor other characteristics, no financial strength of the owners, he can use what means to compete with others online to find a piece of "cake"? Dream of cold station is not a few, but most of them are "poor stationmaster alliance" was born, a a website can be out of money are about several hundred yuan.

station is not actually hundreds of pieces, but these owners did not own what strengths, not what the two funds paid hundreds of dollars to find people do stand, but others later made must reach the goal he said. In this regard, I think that as long as the optimization of friends have more feelings.

these stationmaster’s goal is not very big generally, the day is independent several thousand, some even ten thousand. As for the words, I would be more Speechless, with the dream of cold contact people know, I don’t do this movie station, because there is a webmaster looking for me to do the words "movie" had said, a month later made, give me 500 yuan.

I thought it was a mistake then, but then he explained it again and again, and I knew it. Of course, the dream cold, then also can only say to him "sorry", another looking for others". Similarly, I would like to experience a lot of personal experience.

no matter what you think, dream cold can say is: "hundreds of dollars of Web site, it for most webmaster, can only be a learning station.". It can be used to formally site, of course, profitability is also quite difficult."

for most people, hundreds of dollars of Web site, what procedures, what space is done, I think I do not need to say more. To an approximate free program, with a limited flow of virtual space, it wants to seriously develop, to give you a good profit, dream cold, you can say that no one dare say that he can do it.

good investment people understand one thing, a person wants to make a fortune, cannot get the funds to do a "thin", if so, then money is only water into the sea, never to return. If you really want to invest in the website, you should have a sense of self, or you know very well about your project, or your financial strength is very strong.

a person, he can not understand the operation of the project, also can not understand any website technology, but he can’t little money. No money, the specific form and content you don’t understand the operation of the project, and even the slightest technology do not touch, but with a few hundred or thousand yuan for around the station, I do not know, so the webmaster can earn much money?

personal site, there is no need to "money" in the word on the length of contention. But a personal station, the lack of "money" can not be too far off the mark. Do web site, we do not need to think too complex, in fact, we invest in reality as business.

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