, when the website is built up, just a small part of it. As a webmaster to build a web site, but just started, really difficult, but also the most test, often how to run their own web site. When it comes to running a web site, you first have to know your website and keep it informed.

if you are doing foreign websites, then it is necessary to use some foreign management tools. Here are some tools to help you better understand and monitor your website. These tools are free, but they are powerful, including keyword ranking, traffic statistics, running status monitoring, speed testing.

one, keyword ranking tool

has a lot of pay tools, very powerful, but in view of the province can save, recommend some very useful tool.

1, www.proranktracker.com

very useful tool, free version can monitor 50 projects.


you can set up your own mailbox, so that the website sends the ranking report to the mailbox every day. In this way, the province has to check the rankings every day, and received reports are also very detailed, including day rankings, weekly rankings and monthly rankings, as well as the search amount of the keyword.


in short, basically able to meet the requirements of keyword ranking monitoring.

2, www.whatsmyserp.com

, a timely web page keyword monitoring tool. Operation is also very convenient, just fill in your web site and need to check keywords. This tool is convenient for you to see what time Shouyang ranking, a ranking can immediately know. Web pages will save your input information, when the first input keywords and web site, and then back to the query when you do not enter, and very user-friendly. It also provides the best ranking query keywords, as well as the last query ranking, so that you can easily understand the changes in ranking.

two, traffic statistics

, if you have done a lot of foreign websites, you can’t leave Google for footprint because of careful consideration. Try not to use Google’s tool products. Includes GG traffic statistics and webmaster tools. Although these tools are really good. Some of the same good tools are recommended below.

1, clicky.com

interface is very concise, refreshing statistical tools, although the interface is simple, but the function is not bad. Basically includes the statistics, which are commonly used functions, I personally like this tool, it is convenient to view data. But unfortunately, the free version is only >