"shameless webmaster" is not really shameless, this is just a soft writing skills, just look at 3 pictures,




above the 3 webmaster is adopted on the street website promotion way, the offline promotion work out, let more people know, let more understanding of the virtual website in real life show out, to improve their visibility. Is the most successful cross network, are more television newspapers and media reports, this is undoubtedly with the website promotion.

cross network Internet first sideways to look at the site, at the grassroots website is also a controversial website, mixed, with not much said. As a whole, the development of the network is swift and swift, and the investment has been made and several other personalized websites have been set up. The webmaster to ask some information, after the revision of the webmaster about confidentiality, so high, it seems a great action. But under repeated questioning, stationmaster Duan Fei just said, the new cross all material broke the news, TV stations, network media promotion planning online after have been prepared, and some media in Beijing have also established a link, which will undoubtedly have an elusive cross network adds a bit of mystery.

rice net is an educational website in Hebei, which mainly produces electronic weekly and related education and training. With cross segment flying stationmaster Li Yunzhuo is as a celebrity, also often invited to the university lecture, namely the use of the convenient conditions to attract some college students to join the volunteer activities in rice and bean net, use this platform to exercise their own. The photo above is a "hundred smiles" activity performed by volunteers, and it is a very meaningful thing to collect one hundred brilliant smiling faces. All those who participate in the activities, as long as I agree, can appear in the electronic weekly, a sudden mobilization of the enthusiasm of participants, while increasing the site in the minds of people’s impression, there is a very healthy image. Now, the rice bean network is also in constant development, and in the near future will also launch the corresponding other branch website, in short, is in unceasing exploration, unceasing attempt, healthy development.

Weifang plant network is a local small website, webmaster is the author, what itself is not as big, some time ago in stationmaster net write a lot, the specific situation is not much talked about. Through the actual operation of the past, have in-depth understanding of the local network environment and local users views on the network, and through communication with friends with friends, in order to better development, will soon re rectification, tend to be more humane, service first, if can do not earn a penny for a little trust people on the site, a little recognition, I want to say I want to. And then make a place