, I started studying websites last October, and at that time I became more and more fond of making websites, because it made my life in college no longer empty and boring.

When the

before the new year, I have the honor to meet my two brother, they told me I was very touched by the selfless help, so I will work harder to make a website, my achievements, not to live up to their expectations.

I love entertainment forum, is the time of birth, although the duration is not long, but this forum does focus all of my heart, until the beginning of March when the forum registered a total of more than 200 members, there are more than 1000 posts, the heart is also very clear, so the data for those stations for it is just a drop in the bucket, as my blood, watched her slowly grow up, my heart is really very happy.

But outside the

happened, I was using the dv8.1 program, two days before suddenly found the dv8.2 program interface is very nice, that I love, so think of the forum update and change 8.2 interface. I use the telecom space, but use Netcom line, so in the upload and download time is very slow, I wondered for a long time, directly to the forum in addition to the database and upload something, other things are covered with 8.2 of the data, it still took me two days time.

the course of things is so simple, the result is that all the data on the forum can not be used, but

now, I love entertainment forum reopened, looking at the interface of 8.2, I think in the forum’s life, I will have a deep memory. Want to say here, I am very distressed because those data, we should all know the forum to do, so only a little data forum only can attract visitors, so the data which are popular on the Internet to find a person I post the website inside, and then posted a slightly modified add up, as can be imagined, compared with a collection of others, how my methods are time-consuming, and tired.

buried himself on the Internet every day. For an unknown dream, I fought day and night, and held on…

This is the root of the

problem, plus the usual character he has been very busy, people are slowly feeling with the dormitory more alienated, usually do not have the same topic, each other is slowly changing. Hey, look at this be scanty of words, the heart is really tired.

since the website to now, around friends less and less, the wife also complained that he did not have time to accompany her, all day with me. I was buried in the network and smoke ring, more and more painful.

has also made me understand a lot of reasons for doing web sites. It should have a goal at the beginning of the site. This is the reflection of life, a person, especially us