opened the gun has been sounded early in the tide, the road has been a sea of people, primary and secondary schools have been opened……

although the Lantern Festival has not yet passed, our expectations for the new year’s "better up" have been settled in early trading.

Yinianzhiji is spring, so we are always special to remember it.

and in 2008 of the network world, Wenzhou this keyword has a special gratitude to me.

lies in the spring of 2008, is because of the heavy snow and ice in winter, so that tens of thousands of want to go home and think of Chinese can not return home, but in a different but equally feel the warmth of home; special gratitude, because in the snow and ice road closure days, so the prime minister within 44 hours, the two went to Hunan the disaster area, general secretary at the airport and air force officers together personally carrying relief materials…… The Internet enables us to know a lot of information.

in addition, the 2008 special gratitude network in the world, it is because this is the network world 10th anniversary. Internet 10th anniversary is a special day for all Chinese people today.

I was born in Wenzhou and had a special feeling about Wenzhou:

this is because we all know what Wenzhou looks like 30 years ago. What’s the situation of people’s livelihood in Wenzhou 30 years ago, and how did we come here in the past 30 years?……

then Wenzhou is a coastal front, no fame, no decent industry, there is no railway airport, extremely difficult, in the city employment in rural areas and densely populated coastal town; but 30 years later, today Wenzhou is known to all the Wenzhou mode of the birthplace, is one of the most dynamic city. Wenzhou’s economic strength is not only in the mainland, but also in two million, Wenzhou people in Wenzhou to create the same amount of gnp……

Wenzhou and Wenzhou can have the change, because the line of reform and opening up since the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, because of Deng Xiaoping’s speech…… It is the historic spring of reform and opening up, which has completely changed the face of Wenzhou and made the people’s livelihood in Wenzhou completely changed.

therefore, on the occasion of the opening of the 10 network and the anniversary, we can not particularly gratitude for this historic spring


today, we have stepped into the threshold of the new year, whether the family or city, our livelihood has made enough gratifying achievements, but we are also very clear: facing the challenge of economic globalization, facing the new target of the three leap, we have a long way to go.

therefore, standing in the open 10th anniversary this spring network nodes, with vision, face the mission today, for the 2008 network, we can’t have gratitude, especially to think? Wait for the 2008 Olympic China martial arts.