, a newbie, wants to make a profit on the site. This is quite an easy task. However, it is not easy, does not mean that the new Adsense does not have the opportunity to make money. Because a lot of websites can make money, it is to have a unique advantage. If we have the ability to develop our strengths, we can find a way to make money. However, do not have the ability in the network will be frustrated. The new station has no experience and no great chance. Therefore, the new webmaster must have those abilities, can really make money,


first: learning ability is indispensable,


school has always advocated hard work and lifelong learning. This is one thing that will never change. Because with the development of the times, economic progress, the company will be higher and higher requirements for you. Therefore, we must have a strong ability to learn. New stationmaster does a website, also should have such ability likewise. Only by constantly learning enthusiasm and vigor can we grasp the good tomorrow. If you do not have the power to study hard, you will soon be eliminated by society. Making a website requires you to have relevant knowledge in many ways. Not only do you have to think hard. Still have to study hard. Once you’ve done it and found out that you don’t know something about it, it can cause a lot of trouble. Because you don’t know how to do it at all. For example, the promotion on your website, however, you haven’t done any promotional work. I don’t know how to do that. Let’s go out and let the user know your website. So, this knowledge does not understand, then you go to study, and still want to learn very well. Only by doing everything possible can you stand out in the internet. A master who does not have the ability to learn, will encounter many difficulties in the process of website management. The website has just started operation, it is necessary to update and write articles every day, but also in the major forums to do promotion. These work all want new stationmaster to learn and comprehend step by step. In short, learning is not because you are anyone will skip.

second: planning capabilities,

must not be omitted

new Adsense doing web site, there is no general outline in mind. If you don’t have a detailed plan, the work will be delayed. Because you do not have a plan, you can not determine the feasibility of the target. Plan what you need to do every day before you do it. What else do you want to do in a week?. What will you do in a month?. What are the goals for each day, week, month?. This plan allows each webmaster to know more clearly what he is doing. What should I do every day?. Time flows by our side without knowing it. Therefore, the new webmaster can not waste every second of time. The plan can compensate for the instability and variability of the site. The new station owner can not understand the importance of the plan, and will lose a lot of opportunities and time. If you have a plan, you can think about how to do it better and better than others. This can improve the efficiency of time, but also can find a sense of direction. The plan is to have a variety of environments