has been in the station for so many years, and has never been able to find anything particularly good. Music, novels, programs, movies, all of them. Every special effort, really. Take care of it every time you take care of your child. Boil until three or four every day, only to find the good content, enrich it. It’s really not easy to be a station. Few people come, really not a taste of the heart. Humble people for change a link, post everywhere. Oh, can not meet the AD jar, put the address to write signature in the jar, post top stick, improve our address on rate. Of course, we must do everything possible to please BAIDU, GOOGLE these big brothers.

sometimes really want to give up. A lot of investment, not much income. A lot of effort into the inside, the daily IP or gone up. Save your own food and wear it only for the station. Yes, it’s really hard and tiring. Some friends may say, "who lets you not focus yourself?" the theme of changing the station constantly, how can that be done well?. I do not want to, but do not change, do not change, guarding that day, hundreds of IP is really very uncomfortable. Psychology always so comfort oneself: "perhaps, I change a direction, just good,


repeats at once, and fails again and again, which makes me tired. I often think, is it really hard to do a website? Can’t I have some fun in the station,


is this idea, let me have the idea of doing new sites. I’ve been looking for a lot of websites to find jokes / funny videos / funny pictures, but not a lot of them. He that does well is less. So I decided to make a fun navigation site for entertainment. The name is just fun. Well, that’s right. It’s for our webmaster. He can also have fun in the station. Let more hard friends find joy in it. Let boring friends also have fun.

says, do it. And because we have the team, tigers team! Everything went very smoothly. Meters, space, almost ten minutes to get. Then the technology began to stay up all night, all night, all night, all night long, just for a good site. Time does not pay attention to people, but finally let us do a fairly satisfied with our website. The frame is in place, followed by content. Content is the life of the website.

‘s friend was very supportive when he heard the news. Here to thank these friends, very selfless to help us find a lot of material. But this time we stand really, we are really serious. Because each collection of information, we edit, carefully selected, we must first look at ourselves, often see themselves laughing. Although this will affect the site update progress, but still could not help but stay in the uutv fun.

finally, I want to say. Do stand, must do what you like. Really, only love can go further. Even if you are tired, you tired, it will silently support you, you are the driving force for progress. Who used to say that interest is the best teacher?. Yes, only you like, >