twenty-first Century is the century of the Internet. With the arrival of the high-tech information era the Internet era, the global information network will become an inevitable trend of social development. The Internet is getting deeper into our lives, especially our generation. It brings us information, cross regional communication and other convenient, but also brings us a lot of trouble, and we have to do, or at least learned to make full use of the network. As an emerging hot industry, network marketing is an important part of Internet e-commerce. With the development of science and technology, the surge in the number of Internet users, network marketing in China has grown, more and more enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises, began to pay attention to the field of the Internet market, the network marketing talent demand is increasing. As a result, great opportunities have been created, and more traditional industries have gradually turned to the Internet, and more new Internet users have joined the ranks of online marketing. Below I share some network marketing related knowledge.

one, some common ways of online marketing:

word-of-mouth marketing, media marketing, information marketing, electronic magazine marketing, IM marketing, image marketing, marketing, SNS marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, network marketing, event marketing, game embedded search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing, database marketing, SMS marketing, viral marketing, marketing quiz, QQ group marketing and social media marketing, according to the B2B business website product information publishing platform, marketing and marketing of micro-blog is very fire.

many new people will ask SEO is not online marketing? Many new people do not understand the network marketing, marketing network is considered SEO, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding. I briefly introduce SEO, SEO Chinese translation for search engine optimization, as a way to be more popular in recent years of network marketing, it is the auxiliary site, make the site keywords to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website final technology.

two, several commonly used network marketing profile

1.IM marketing

means instant messaging and marketing, common IM tools, QQ, MSN, YAHOO, Ali Wangwang, Mobile Fetion, these tools, the most accurate, the longest sustained, the highest efficiency of course was the first QQ, QQ is not just a personal communication tool, and has become a symbol of modern communication the way. That’s true. Entrepreneurs at home can use their instant messaging tools to help them expand their businesses.

2. online advertising

simply speaking, online advertising is advertising on the internet. The use of advertising banners, text links, and multimedia on the web to advertise or advertise on the Internet, via the Internet to Internet users. Advertisements with the four traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio) and recently prepared