blog as a concern the declining website form, the user viscosity in the area, but this does not mean that all blogs have development opportunities, in fact experienced so many things, the more I feel the blog as a kind of other people’s "Twilight" industry still has great development potential. The success can be seen from the electric grid, Lu Songsong, Mou Changqing and other blog, blog is not Nothing is right.

when do blog is derived from a very accidental opportunity, because they do before the shopping site is a failure, cause I have no confidence to continue to operate, so I want to do a similar electric grid to focus on a certain industry blog, share their other products for the introduction of novels or so. Your blog is up this architecture. But to tell you the truth, blogging programs are off the shelf. It’s not very difficult to set up sites. Attracting people to visit them has become the first headache for me.

because he is new, compared in the user group’s influence and power and certainly not a Lou loose so I try, how to attract more users to visit my website, so each place attract message has become one of the important visit I work every day, especially the electric grid and Lu Songsong I have to blog, on the wall, because the only way I can get more chance of exposure, but pays off, the blog will get a long-term support to some friends in set up not long, but for this process I still want to say a few words;

message visit although industry unspoken rule, but none of us understand to cope with the visit and not blindly, not handled properly will make others bored, as I most do not love to visit a blog, other bloggers to cope with me this message, that is the most "blog. Support", "step back" and other words, is really annoying, so when you visit other blogs, if we can share a little of his own views for each other, then write a little, the absolute return effect is not covered.

is the reason why so many blog survival time is not long, I analyzed, mainly from the following three reasons: they could not insist, after all, do blog need quality content of supply, and this is clearly a long-term supply process, a lot of friends and give up because it does not go. The perspective is not unique, after all blog development for so many years, in which a field blog has existed, but if you want to kill them after the identity of the newcomers, must have its own characteristics, and this characteristic is obviously not you I can insist to. Blog profit is not much, although we can not only make money on the blog, but if the blog does not make money, then the loss of bread, we still have the ability to continue to operate


my blog to continue to operate in such an atmosphere, and later they encountered a little problem, such as the site for the record, because Hongkong is the space, so Webmaster Platform and Baidu advertising alliance.