Forum promotion is always as a way to promote everyone loved and respected by the forum to promote the benefits, but because too many people using this method, it often cause some new problems make people headache.

summary, has the following functions: a forum to promote, immediate, short time can bring considerable traffic to the site; two, the past, fueled the promotion of the work, but also outside the chain of more and more left in various forums to lay the foundation for the optimization of SEO; three, both in be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. The construction of the chain or marketing, will leave the promotion website name in the post, thus increasing the frequency of the name of the site, to increase brand visibility and expand brand awareness. But do the forum to promote older people will know, to promote good also is not a simple matter, not only have good writing skills, patience and skill, it is more important to have keen insight and creativity, can write attractive content of the post, so as to bring traffic. Speaking of this, I have to say a few more words, and share with you, I wrote the forum to promote the bitterness of bitterness.

: the first positioning post forum, according to their own propaganda purposes, need to find the relevant forum, and we should always pay attention to the forum and the popularity of the community, the majority of people interested in the topic, in addition, another point is that it is easy to be ignored, is to understand the goods management posts moderator requirements, hobbies, these other people can browse through the post, especially with the "spirit" of the post can be seen.

second: write paste. Write the first to have a theme, the original title, the title is the soul, is the same: write with netizens in the browse posts first sight is the title of the document, they post impression directly on the first impression, it will also decide whether to click to see the detailed contents. Appropriate to add some corresponding special symbols in the title, is a prominent title, let people in many of the posts list to see you write a post, on the other hand can also make the post topic words stand out in the post title list. In most cases a enough thunder, Madden title will allow more people to click on, once users found its innovative, high quality, in a short period of time this post will be swept the major forums, get countless reproduced, bring the flow and the increase of the chain will be too many to count in a promotion; but also pay attention to reputation and the user experience, do not blindly to the popularization and promotion. Secondly, we should pay attention to find good material, not at the outset to promote their products or services, the best is released in the hot topic from appropriate reference to their products or to introduce their services, to be able to do without a more perfect, otherwise you will just send promotional products go out. In addition, in the promotion of the need for a large number of articles, when we find ourselves without something to write, what should I do, then please call out the famous Chinese idea king, apply the thirty-six meter >!