time flies really fast, the new year’s day, and our CMS website has also been operating smoothly for 8 months, the end of the year to our site to a perfect summary. I believe many webmaster friends or our website has some understanding, but I still roughly introduce, the website is opened in April, I myself is a technician, in a portal site work. Work often met some new friends to ask some of the station’s problems, so on the initiation of a tutorial resource network, 09 of the most popular site is CMS site, but also spawned a lot of CMS developers, we carried out some of these CMS and the whole, also established -CMS (net station resources www.cmsjzw.com).

Although the above

, but for those who want to operate their own website is also a reminder, the first analysis of the market in station please, don’t do what you think of what today, a QQ station, tomorrow a novel station, had written several articles "90 days to build a successful website experience record the website operation" in A5, "90 days to build a successful website experience record — website planning", interested friends can go and see.


said the operation is smooth? That is because the 09 years of the Internet too many variables, the reform of the search engine, Internet policy changes, the domain name space of the real name system, etc., is not conducive to the development of the personal webmaster. But our website survived, and well, here some of the data under their own website: the amount included in Baidu and GOOGLE between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, ALEXA also ranked in 20 thousand and 5 (but Webmaster Station place seems to be high) the PR value also increased from 6 to PR7, the website of the the current flow is about 7000-9000 (the flow at all). May be some friends will ask, the data is good, do not know how to profit? Oh, site is in the site 3 months after the beginning of profit, the current monthly income is very good, because our website is the multiple profit model, in fact, if I used to trample on the site you a moonlight selling connection, can sell thousands of it, ha ha, but is not recommended for those who want to long-term development of the webmaster friends do, his eyes should be long! As long as the site in the early planned profit pattern, stick to it, and then find the breakthrough point in the process of operation, and generally have a point the harvest, planning is quite important. In fact, this year’s biggest harvest is with several popular CMS developers to discuss good cooperation, as well as a lot of understanding of the webmaster friends, and they give us support.

new year, we have developed our own new plan, I hope all webmaster friends also made plans early, and able to carry out.

here also to friends in advance of new year’s greetings, I hope 2010 of the Internet is full of opportunities.

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