once the electricity supplier giant to Dangdang in glory that year, reputation greatly reduced at the same time, is more on the development of stumbling in the face of huge market competition, if not to retreat in order to keep has not, until the time required or may grow. Looking back on Dangdang fifteen years of wind and rain course, there is "big brother" title, but reduced to second line electricity supplier, the voices of the outside discussion is not diminished. But the electricity supplier in the annexation of the grim moment, the law of the jungle is naked, Dangdang did not disappear in the network but found strong wind and big waves, a way to survive in the cracks in the electricity supplier, it can not be said after losing a lucky, relegated to second tier electricity providers can also be said that was good good. Why is the main analysis when the big

cannot withstand a single blow would be so depressed?

first of all, great changes have taken place in the market. When the market environment has the tremendous change, after a financial crisis, changes in market structure, Dangdang error best period of development, has shifted its internal market layout, first-tier cities between the electricity supplier competition is very fierce, Dangdang position naturally suffer exclusion, the change of the environment but also affect the Dangdang background influence in the industry. In the most critical moment, Dangdang strategic blunder, want to promote the use of the scale and the commodity structure of the difficulties, but again lost in the mountain, want to carry out price war with the long-term accumulation of price advantage resources, once again lost the war, the two number are all ended in failure. This is the original dangdang.com problems in deployment, the problems left by the problem is fatal, led directly to Yidiebuzhen dangdang. In desperation, Dangdang retreated to the second tier electricity providers, the retreat, also let Dangdang found respite, although his seclusion, accidentally found a life.

secondly, the rise of competitors. When the failure is largely sidelined by the competitors, mainly is the rise of Tmall and the Jingdong, as the saying goes, riding. When the annual financial reality is seemingly to profit, but their opponents are growing up too fast, the growth rate is significantly slower than the opponent, plus battle is unpredictable, what will happen, the blind measures lead to the overall loss of dangdang. Which appears in the process of growing up Dangdang issue in this price war completely exposed, mainly is the marketing structure, the expansion process, opened the loopholes in management, personnel, not neat, plus all kinds of emergencies after not processed, to some extent, also affected the reputation of Dangdang once. In short, after Dangdang’s influence greatly fell, and no longer the original dangdang.

then the funding problem is affecting the overall situation. In the battle for market share throughout the market, Dangdang had an unprecedented funding problem, the current funding tension, but also the most important failure. Look back when the road of financing is not stable, explore the development of early actually left a lot of problems, like a huge battleship, far see grand deterrence, close look is actually in a disastrous state. Dangdang has consumed two strategic failures