Ali has been on the line for some time, but hasn’t had time to publish his views. Today saw the Ali Mama advertising revenue, there are a few dollars, money eyes well, I decided to write a story about the mom of the article.

why do Ma Yun Ali mother? The reason is very simple, because the seller Taobao teach some basic knowledge of SEO in Ma Yun, found that the search engine accounts for most of the antecedents of, in addition, an important reason is that Yahoo Chinese search does not like when Ma Yun took over the prophecy — about 10 months to make the domestic search engine the boss. (Ma Yun said, "if we don’t act sooner, 8-10 months later, we’ll lose the chance forever). Results from the end of 2005 to now, Yahoo search revised several times, but basically are unsuccessful, as the key search share does not rise or fall. So, Ma is very clever to give up Yahoo search, a short time beyond Baidu, Google fantasy. (now the Yahoo search is also true, became the experimental field of Ali, after all, there is no traffic, then it is optional Revision)

"electronic commerce and the search engine is a natural partner so the search did not pick up a short time, which prompted Ma Yun to recruit other weird, because Ma Yun is very clever, he knew that Baidu will never easily lose their traffic (MP3 search, Baidu Baidu know the products are Baidu flow after analysis decided to launch the product, and have been very successful), so think of the church to know how to use Taobao sellers advertising their products, one can get rid of dependence on Taobao search engine, Taobao live more healthy; on the other hand also can make the seller know Taobao investment to get the output of the truth, so Taobao’s charge also justifies. One method gives birth to the Ali mama.

Ali has done well on the line, but not very well. Taobao also did not understand because most sellers buy ads, not love zaben business. So now, Ali’s mother in advertising or to Ali and the original Yahoo bidding advertisers mainly. If the advertiser and the unit price is limited, the advertising Ali mother alliance members can not see a good income, then Ali mother of course malnutrition.

I had received Ali mother customer service phone, remind me to put Ali Alliance on the website of the ad code, which surprised me, because there is no advertising company where like Ali mother do promotion to do so in place. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be aware of the fundamental problem (I am not a Taobao seller, so I do not know that they have to promote the big seller Ali mother), Ali mother the essence of development is what they’re looking for more advertisers, especially those who rely on Taobao business owner life. Let them dare to eat crabs, with the sweetness, Ali mother will naturally young often.

only Ali mother mature, Taobao’s leg, Ma will find.