said: soft Wen as the site of the promotion is not advisable; only a temporary soft increase site traffic! In fact, the facts? Rules are rigid, a promotion methods by different people over and over again to continue to see more people will feel bother! No immutable and frozen things in the world, a promotion gimmick too stiff to flexible use, it is only a waste of

!The soft

is one of the necessary means to promote the site, however, why is the same with the promotion of the soft, some websites can quickly rise, while some sites is hovering in place? Just a few days later as a result, such soft Wen is no echo, did not play a role, there is no value?

soft Wen promotion, adhere to the original article is the best choice. However, a person is not much, a website for all the technical issues, can not write an article; even his style of writing is good, but while concerned about the operation of the site, while the time to write text, a more powerful, can not also served as multiple roles alone! His personal efforts, the word of a tragic difficult to write their own original. It is possible that in the end, nothing will come out of it.

why advocate empathy! In fact, we change a point of view to think: I won’t write or write slowly, so I have what resources can make the equivalent exchange! I LOGO do faster and better, and your soft Wen write fast and good, so we exchange, now each other is quicker and better. This is the same as the most primitive thing exchange, and someone may have done it.

as the saying goes: one and ten, ten and hundred, hundreds and thousands. Do you think this is still very slow? If you want a little faster, so please continue to walk along the way: you have what resources can make the exchange of equal value and a lot of people! If so, you can get 1 2, 10, 100, or even more


basically need to spend 2-3 hours to write a better 800 words, pure original, and soft Wen writer also want 1 hours or so. In this case, you’ll need to spend more time and effort for the webmaster. If you ask a writer to write it, you’ll have to spend about $50-300. So many webmaster are difficult to adhere to the soft text. This time, we should be more flexible, more resources of their own, with better conditions and others do the equivalent exchange, let more people you write text, let more Adsense reprint your article.

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