University Majors in computer applications and likes to build websites in school. At that time, nothing understood, and all the rookie as a free space, the most terrible is that these free spaces do not support FTP, but really bitter me. My patience is better, a simple file upload, also can get a ASP station to do a decent! For the first time in FTP space, using the world wide web 50MB free space. Finally, I can use FTP’s free space. I’m really happy when I get this news. I’ve been so excited from the application space to 11 in the evening. There is a FTP space, your goal is not big, playing before those home page template, also moved a station up and carefully modified. However, the free space is not assured, this is unable to overcome reality! Suddenly one day, back to the dormitory, found the station does not go on, and when all the data in the FTP have not get back, I really have a feeling of tears!

After graduating from

, he spent one year working on financial statistics and finally got his own job as a network administrator. Spare time, the hearts of the corporation does not extinguish the fire fire again, I have a belief, I will insist on, insist on doing my love website. Suddenly found himself was a very simple problem! Now, I should do what station? Can still play, play a personal homepage, so indulge in self-admiration is no future, how should I do how to do?!


has problems bothering me, surfing the web without aim. I don’t know what kind of website is right for me.

, open the local navigation website and see, this navigation station is doing very well, I like this style very much. But I did not want to repeat the navigation of this road, this is not for me! For a job? Talent network? Suddenly a bright eyes, found that their talent network in the city, many also have their own characteristics, basically every industry one, can be a big development in their own in the


associated with my hometown, although the network is also developing at a relatively fast rate, but there is still a lot of difference between the city and the city where I am now. After a comprehensive comparison of the city construction site to the advantages and disadvantages of home construction site, a belief in the rise, I want to be home to the hometown talent portal website construction level to go up and contribute an own strength.

has a good goal, of course, just do it,


because of the website construction has also been more familiar with, know how to build a web site should have a good domain name, can let visitors more directly remember website, so I also took pains to this domain, the domain name of the short one has been registered, a personal website, from the beginning there is not to spend a lot of money to buy a better domain, in a and I also hope.