Hello, I am Fujian Amoy network webmaster, I do Taobao off from beginning to now should be half a year, but I have most of the time is not to do, so I really should be doing Taobao off for a month, which is the last month to have spent time in Taobao this guest, in a month’s time, I learned a lot, there are some specific experience about me, I want to exchange with you, and I hope to help you.

1, effort. As we all know, now the site was like rice, what industry website has a lot of people do, Taobao customers is the same, from the Taobao 07 years off to now has been more than two years, from now on with Taobao passengers can not say too slow, but also cannot say early, because Taobao can bring off the actual thing, that is money, as long as you work hard, so Everfount commissions will be coming to you.

2, learning. Just begin to contact the Taobao customer many friends all know that the first contact feel do not know many things, looks like is very simple, send what links, but slowly will find himself very blind, but shoppers don’t believe you to promote something that is not true, this point to a lot of Amoy the novice caused great distress, so I suggest novice to learn, some webmaster multi Ali mother in the community learning, adding some learning group Taobao customers, especially some master group, can learn a lot about the promotion of the East West on the inside, so as to use in their own promotion.

3, practice. No good practice methods, more, eventually effect is zero, so learn good website promotion methods of others, find a good shopping keyword, will immediately begin to use knowledge to promote, when you first time, promotion difficult is the lowest, while income was the largest. Therefore, to be good at learning achievements into action.

The following

, let me tell you some guest novice to the problems of:

1, why other people’s Web site is very garbage, but can be included so much?

answer: remember, don’t look at other people’s shortcomings, to find the advantage of others, to ranking in the search engine’s Web site must have their own unique advantage, if you can find the top three sites for each website is an advantage, and take advantage of, I believe that you can occupy a space for one person in the market. Your job is not to help others to find fault, not to complain about the search engine, but to learn the advantages of others.

2, how can I convince shoppers that my promotional products are Taobao’s, not phishing sites?

answer: this will be your carefully and patiently to shoppers, and not only the election commission High Commission products, sometimes high product is not necessarily a good promotion, the key lies in how you explain this product, it is best to write their own soft Wen, then bring the products, can also be their own experience the product, or week >