did you have any confusion about this and make a great content, but poor reading and communication?

, let’s take a look at these articles:

The origin of the "

" paper money, "Under Armour," Internet marketing strategy "writing method".

, would you like to see it,


, if I show you these three:

"burning paper money", "fathers received it [] observed beyond Adidas, after Nike, Under Armour in marketing to do what?", "a monthly salary of 3000 and a monthly salary of 30000 writing difference".

Are you interested in

? (the above three are from the elephant guild, SocialBeta, Li Jiaoshou, interested in searching for themselves)

yes, the problem is in the title. It’s really hard to get a title that can summarize the article and bring in the headlines. That message is unknown, it said that the title is too long, too serious if boring, chase hot fear fall common, let alone bear the title flow, brand and marketing on the task.

can still take headlines, communication and marketing have to do the same. Can not press the audience’s fingers or send red envelopes, please help read and spread it. Don’t worry, tell you 14 templates for heading, and you can use it directly when you’re racking your brains. If you want to know how to grasp the main points, the socialization of fast write good copy, can see another article "SocialBeta copy must see: social media marketing copy writing in 12 steps (increase click conversion rate and copywriting skills)"

one, take the title of the principle

if you are not sure of the principle, you will have lost before you take the title. Good titles tend to follow these 4 principles:

sense of value: in the title, why do you need to take the time to read this article?

utility: what can I get from this article,


uniqueness: the world is full of thousands of articles. Why do I have to read your article? Where are the differences?


sense of urgency: why do I have to go right now and read your article?. Wouldn’t I be uncomfortable or lost if I didn’t read it,


follows these 4 principles and your title is more attractive to the reader, while the title conveys the beneficial benefits of reading the book directly. On this basis, consider some special ideas, techniques, modifications, touches, and icing on the cake.

two, the role of good title

Is the

title just for attracting people? It’s a silent, silent Title party. But the article does not deserve the title, just like talent to support ambition, see parents in law, sooner or later fall apart. An article >