I’m going to talk about my contact with the hacker station actually originally thought to write this article today, want to go to the boring network security forum shopping when I saw 520hack, a new QQ number of applications for _QQRegSimple 1.2 software, this software is in fact in April it was, I was a hacker software X webmaster, see the software after the play to their strengths, the pop-up connection changed, so the software each exit will play to my station (than to play before the station is modified),

By the way

update to my station, I spent 2 months station traffic has been up to 5000IP, some people talk about the acquisition, I sold now by someone do pure dumpster to make money, this is my regret until now, now he again made a stop hacking software park, though can not say what is good, but I each software I would take the time to test the back door, and screenshots, needs analysis to shelling shelling, try to ensure that software security, I always hate to put a horse, seemingly far away, back to the topic, because every day I will run the station to hackers so, also found a little bit of a rule, for example, first of all that is of course network security, network security is the basic contribution to the original animation, because of the large are like this, so I mainly said software, network The daily basic update at around noon, and most sources are safe Chinese, just the latest QQ number of applications for _QQRegSimple 1.2 software only yesterday I see China security update, on the second day in the network appeared, I estimate the 520hack every day to go to safety in China Oh, red hacker alliance is a station only a short while ago, hackers also ranked first in Baidu, but his daily updates are derived from the basic black hawk, as security Chinese and Blackhawk software updates from which I will not go, Chinese hackers union I will not say, every Chinese animation tutorial are bundled is basically no webmaster will update his station things, but China has a characteristic, the Chinese brothers don’t blame me, but there are some Chinese software release, especially the Trojan virus class, most of the existence of a backdoor I am not, I also Words alone are no proof., a few hackers exposed to major animation. It is relatively good, can only say that the general situation of hackers, hackers base that didn’t understand, I only know a friend is the VIP last year, I see, a lot of VIP tutorial or 05 years, the hacker world I will not say, despise him, because he had 2 times and I do connections are imperceptibly to slowly withdraw my visible character, the hacker base, came to see the know, everywhere advertising popups, heimawangzi before you can now not how to like revision, hackers manual, hacker X files have been done in the magazine, there are some black station I don’t mention it, the contact is not much, not talk nonsense,

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