is the webmaster Wangzhuan, has been a topic of concern, but some higher income, but others have been hovering at the starting line. Wangzhuan many projects, there are people at will find business opportunities, people couldn’t find a way. How to find the Wangzhuan project, and earn money


December 2nd Admin5 forum Thursday invited exceeded strategic base responsible person still autumn teachers share her to do some Wangzhuan experience story, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked the guests: Hello, know the strategic base, contact the A5 version of the chat activity, on a strategic base is not very familiar with, it seems that some Wangzhuan related. Guest, can you give me a brief introduction to this forum,


answer: Hello everyone, I am a strategic base, the webmaster is still in the water, QQ:9000311, thank A5, thank A5 editor, dream river provides today’s opportunity to communicate. The strategic base is dominated by "autumn water" and "fishhook", which leads VIP members to operate the promotion of domestic formal products and obtain high commission. At the same time, the strategic bases can also be rewarded by the merchants.

strategic VIP membership base are short-term projects (for example: Google bidding discount account for 09 years from September 25th, we have been operating until now, during the achievements of many VIP members, more than a year the highest income of more than 500 thousand, from hundreds of thousands of people earn no less than 10 people, earn tens of thousands of many thousands of the number, the project is still too many to count, in. With) and long-term projects (such as the strategic base agent has the strength of the business of formal education products, by the VIP member by SEO; Baidu, Google alliance in bidding purchase flow; in some suitable sites to buy monthly advertising; ground sales and other sales channels in the mall businesses to obtain high commission products. Single product Tao station, through the soft Wen do guest, we are also in the follow the prescribed order.

strategic base and one of the biggest bright spot is: agent VIP membership operations we think fit the stock, only one stock operation every year, VIP members obey the unified command still youthful, only need to learn to deal. Buy when you buy and sell when you sell. In order to broaden the investment channels, eyes still recently devoted to visit Tianjin, the PE (private equity) is the strategic base of VIP membership is in the process of investment operations, although the investment risk, but after artificial control, investment risk will be reduced to a minimum even reduced to 0.

: a strategic base can’t be understood as: to teach novice how to make money online through the training platform? See introduced strategic base, is taught how to make money and membership, the forum itself can sell the product obtained by members of the Commission to give businesses, too.

Most of the members of

‘s guests are very productive and want to know whether they have paid the money or not earned it