contact network now has at least five or six years, and many on the website also has three or four years, very early to write about the construction site things out, but whenever you want to write it, always feel that they are nobodies, say afraid of being laughed by others, even abuse, no pen. Soon graduated, this two days a little empty, my two years of experience to write out to share with you today, also would like to take this article to make some good friends, but also hope that the birds can give me some advice in the future in the maze and pointing the road, of course my view is: the hope that those who seek common ground while reserving differences, people don’t always boring boring abuse and ridicule.

saw XuSanDuo "soldier assault", believe we won’t forget the "do not abandon, do not give up" the spirit, this spirit in the grassroots webmaster, especially if you don’t have this, do not abandon, do not give up the spirit, it is very difficult for the station. To be a stationmaster is difficult, to be a good stationmaster is difficult, to be a good stationmaster is much more difficult. At present many webmaster flow to the search engine and search engine requirements for the station is more and more high, not only do you have the original or false original, and ask you to stand the high value of PR of these grassroots webmaster is lacking, not to mention those sites every day not less than 20 ~ 30 pieces update. I have to work late every night. Is this good result? The result is unknown, which makes me very confused. Therefore, the webmaster should have "do not abandon, do not give up" spirit, has been standing down. If you don’t see those websites in 90s, as long as you stick to them, don’t you still have a "good" result?

take me now long Ao network (Www.LooAoo.Net) for example, last year the site, as has been very busy, no time to update (a little bit of time only all busy in the modified template), and at the time of the online CMS program is not familiar with the program change today, for tomorrow a program that is today, tomorrow is the forum website, so repeatedly toss, and Baidu down the right (but Google can also, now as far as Google flow is higher than Baidu), and later was very depressed, hard work are not rewarded, then wanted to give up. Now I have always insisted every day to update the site (although I think that now we are doing the PS and antivirus abuse), add some original articles or pseudo original articles, recently included Baidu on my station picked up. So I summed up the lessons of the past few years (if I could help the novice, I would be satisfied):

1. can’t keep an eye on the website template, and should pay attention to the content and quality of the website. (beautiful website doesn’t mean good traffic.)

2. after the site opened, cannot but not again, repeated several times is intolerable.

3. website can not collect too much, collect sooner or later will suffer. (I don’t feel very cold about collecting.)

4. newbie opens >