[guidance] a product really want to design high-end atmosphere internationalization, we must let users have pragmatic, cheap feeling. Otherwise, good-looking is not equal to good use. For example, this article in three music products, a top beauty, with a variety of aesthetic pictures to attract users to listen to songs, this logic can be right? Dark horse brother here to share this Tencent EDC (not shellfish) article. The authors used two well-known truth is: revolution is not a dinner party, beauty products do not overflow; the trials of a long journey always feeling, the pictures don’t do?


, a member of the design team of the music product, agrees with this and designs in this direction. However, the truth knows, the design is very crude, ask how rough, one with a scare.

start to speak, here is a Q music products a certain period of the song single recommendation style, of course, we can see a lot of music products but also with the same, a superficial reform of the recommended style.


, and the waterfall style of some of the music products below looks even better, with a Pinterest design style.


look at selling hard some easy cloud music products, and attitude, I figure a lot.


A few examples of this

read the China Internet three mountain music products, all with the feet can be found in the problems we face, that is our success in the use of a variety of professional design strength and elegant music taste exquisite design, charming, and persistent hard iterative

"look at the software,


(in fact lying gun not only music products, electric products of all kinds of beauties Gallery more people dizzying, please also bring in ecstasies over, body armor, next time table.

)Since the

trough point found, I began to poker-faced to speculate about why such problems, and try to put forward with profound respect and humility to solve these problems.

Part1: why do we design this:


first, we want a bunch of emerge in its totality content to the user, the results really put the dish out end.

secondly, we are afraid of user trouble, so we give a funnel straight into the user’s ear hole – "all play, batch add" and other functions.

furthermore, we fear that the user can not see this is what a bunch of things, so give a beautiful picture, in order to help the user visualize the thing in the head, for example, 80s will listen to the song with a picture made Huang wrote greatly >