2002, when I worked in a business enterprise in Fujian, Putian. Day out of the market, almost nothing at night, and now see the young people will be computer, Internet, I also want to learn computers.

where to work a month 1000 yuan, every day running outside, with pocket money so much, to training only pay 100 yuan training fees to learn basic class, basic class was 160 yuan, the boss agreed to let me first half a month. Began to learn computer is very excited, there is time to go to a training class, sit where honestly learn five pen typing. After studying for more than 10 days, the boss came to ask me for money. I didn’t have the money and did not want to study. I wanted to practice in the Internet bar slowly, and I said 88 to my boss.

the first time to go to the Internet bar, I boot, the screen is dark for a long time, I will press the restart, or the same, and press restart, the result or ask the boss how the matter, the boss said you have to wait for the computer to start weighing it. I found that computer and television as a boot is not out! When the training courses which haven’t taught me, really dizzy ^_^ will open a computer, also know that "Internet Explorer" this is the icon to open the site, the first is through the Internet set up home guide will send and receive mail, registered a a mailbox so happy, have a good sense of achievement


when I surf the Internet, do not know which day I know cc333.com lived with a personal home page, I don’t like other young love to play games, I want most is to be able to make money on the internet. At that time, I made my personal homepage for a business, which was selling Amway, because when did I work part-time as a Amway?.

I learned a lot of net friends on the way of learning personal homepage, they are all personal homepage users, because we all do friendship link with each other and promote our personal homepage. This personal home page is nice, because it’s stupid and a lot of people use it. The only flaw is that he puts his ads in every home page. And I sent dozens of dollars to them, which is the first time I’ve been shopping online. From their ads in their customers’ space, I was thinking that if I had a website like this without advertising, a lot of people would be willing to buy it. So I started looking for similar sites, the results did find a website, I want to do their agency at that time, but to spend a lot of money, but the agency prices are high, and there is no advantage to compare prices on home now.

finally I found that many similar online self-help website is the development of a company in Zhejiang, was called "Oriental self-help network" into their website found I rent a quarter of such a website 1200 yuan package, space and technology support. They said that the space provided can be stored more than 200 users, calculated to make money at any rate, I think as long as pull me, which users come over. And this website can develop agent, have the function of the agent, if call them to act as agent again, give them deduct a percentage from a sum of money, they will be very eager to publicize. Think much >